2018 Dope Wives Self-Care Challenge & Retreat


What is Self-Care? What is Balance? 

While there isn't a definitive answer to these questions, one thing is certain...being intentional about self-care and creating balance is a necessity. Dope Wives Presents, #BalanceInTheHome our very 1st self-care challenge. If you’re seeking guidance and community to help you achieve balance and self-care goals, you will want to fully immerse in everything we have planned for the entire month of April. Being a Dope Wife isn't exclusive to juggling and being everything that is required of you as a mom, wife, employee and friend. "You Cannot Pour From An Empty Cup", people should only get your excess. If you give away what's in your cup, you make that person a thief.

There are numerous tools and solutions that can be used to live a healthy and well-balanced life as a woman who may wear many hats. The self-care challenge will touch topics such as:

  • Communication with your spouse on a proper self-care routine 
  • Plan and budget for monthly self-care maintenance
  • Learn how to pray and devote daily time with God
  • Build your confidence in knowing that you deserve self-care, and to be unapologetic about it
  • Provide balance in your home-life and so much more...

The Challenge

The Self-Care Challenge will take place during the full month of April. Have you subscribed to our email list to receive your daily newsletter? (Sign Up Now)

The Retreat

Following the successful completion of our self-care challenge, we will conclude by gathering in the cabins located in Dahlonega, GA for our 1st Self-Care Retreat. This will take place on Friday, April 27th – Sunday, April 29th, 2018! This amazing event will have fun and relaxing activities: Massages, Pottery, Prayer and Worship, and most exciting -- the opportunity to build genuine relationships with other dynamic Christian wives. Click "HERE" to sign up for the challenge and join us for an unforgettable experience.


Self-Care Retreat Itinerary



  • Welcome Activity
  • "Blush" Themed Dinner
  • Self-Care & Marriage Prayer Session
  • The "Blush" Spa


  • Breakfast
  • Yoga & Zumba - Instructor Angel Adams
  • Massages - RevYv Massage Therapy
  • Lip Balms and MakeUp - Instructor Talya Parker
  • Self-Care Budgeting - Instructor Molly Haynes
  • Self-Care Planning - Instructor TaiQuay Bogle
  • The Art of Saying No - Instructor Heather King
  • MUG Me Pottery (Dinner & Drinks)
  • Bonfire Gathering & Reflection - Instructor Heather King


  • Closing Breakfast & Superlatives
  • Reflection Activity & Accountability Partners
  • Closing Prayer & Departure

retreat Cost & Payment Plan

Option: 1 (Pay in Full)

  • Total cost when paid in full is $300
  • Includes (lodging, food & activities for all 3 days)
  • You may pay in full using the link below (in the "optional note" section of the payment form, add first last name and email)
  • 1st deposits are non-refundable under any circumstance

Option: 2 (Make Four Payments)

  • Total cost with payments is $310
    • 1st deposit $100 | Due 2/10
    • 2nd deposit $70 | Due 2/24
    • 3rd deposit $70 | Due 3/10
    • 4th deposit $70 | Due 3/24
  • Includes (lodging, food & activities for all 3 days)
  • You may secure your spot with your 1st deposit using the link below (in the "optional note" section of the payment form, add first last name and email )
  • You will receive payment reminders via email when the next due date approaches
  • 1st deposits are non-refundable under any circumstance


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Prayer and meditation will be ongoing, promoted and unprompted.