Before God moves suddenly, we will have to wait. He kept Moses in a desert for 40 years. Joseph in a prison cell for 10 years. Abraham without a child for 100 years. David on the run for 15 years. There’s a reason why God has us in the waiting... to build our faith.

In marriage, we as wives may experience a challenging time where we need to wait, wait on God to provide change in us or our spouses, to provide change in our marital situation. However, God may use that time for us to wait. The wait may be:

  • To build our faith in a dungeon cell, during the valley in our life where it’s too dark to see and too hard to believe.
  • To build our dependence on Him when we are too barren and empty to see if He is truly all we desire and all we need.  
  • To build our trust in Him when the storm keeps raging, the battle keeps going and breakthrough and victory doesn’t seem near.

It is in the waiting where we learn to grow in faith. That we learn to only depend on Him.

Are you in need of assistance in figuring out how to wait on God during challenging times in your marriage? 

Have you come to the end of your rope on how to handle and manage a difficult situation in your marriage?

Then Dope Wives in Waiting is here to serve you!

Dope Wives in Waiting provides applicable resources through women who are in or have experienced challenging marital situations just like you. Through the element of transparency and honesty that everything in marriage isn't always perfect, we are able to provide key resources and practical ways to display how you can persevere through those challenging situations. We will help you see that 1) you are not alone in this, 2) separation or divorce doesn't have to be the final say over your marriage, and 3) there is a way to get through these difficult situations and be healthy and whole as a wife and a woman. 

Dope Wives in Waiting isn't an area to tell you how to get out of waiting for God to show up in your marriage, but what to do while waiting on God to do something new, above, and beyond more than you could ever imagine or think. 

We provide resources to those women who want to remain anonymous as well. 


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Meet your DWiW Leaders


Nikita Turman


Lydia Banks


A Message from the Leaders:

We’d like to let you all know about a special Dope Wives subgroup called Dope Wives in Waiting.

We all know that no woman is perfect and no marriage is perfect. We understand that anyone who experiences challenging marital times can sometimes feel like all hope is lost for their marriage. There’s something powerful about coming together with other women who are in tough seasons in their marriages, not only to share our struggles and our testimonies, but to laugh with each other, love on one another and support and lift each other up. We know that happens within Dope Wives, but we want to be able to allow for even more transparency and support for women who are really going through a tough season in their marriages.

The two of us have experienced some ROUGH seasons the past year or so and we thank God that Dope Wives connected us and allowed us to be there for each other. Now we want to pay it forward, and that’s what this subgroup is about. Our hope is to provide the same connection for every woman in this group who is in a waiting season. Our hope and prayer is that once you stumble across your strength, then you can reach back and do the same for another woman who is going through the same waiting season. Can't wait to connect with you!

 - Nikita & Lydia