March 2018 Reading


Bible Journaling Challenge - Biblical Women

The Bible has a plethora of women that we can learn from. We stumbled upon a challenge on Pinterest that explores these influential Biblical Women and had to share it with our Dope Wives community! Creators Sara Lindenhols and Lucilight use the Bible to explore the strengths and weaknesses displayed in 31 different women. Dope Wives will embark on a Bible Journaling Challenge of 31 Biblical Women for the month of March! Let's take this amazing challenge and learn more about these iconic women of the Bible!

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February 2018 Reading


7 Things The Bible Says About Marriage

The Bible says that when you find a spouse, you’ve found a good thing. How do you make that feeling last? And can you continue growing closer? What does it take for a godly marriage to fulfill its promise? In this seven-day devotional from YouVersion, staff members share their answers to these questions and more. Each day includes a Verse Image you can share to honor your spouse.

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January 2018 Reading

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If your husband is looking for a great book to read with you, here are some recommendations for him! Click the box 'For Husbands' below.

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