I Am The Corporate Wife


I Am the Corporate Wife!

I am a consultant for a very large firm. But before I dig in, let me clarify the fact that - I LOVE MY JOB, I LOVE MY DREAM COMPANY and I am RELISHING this experience! Thank YOU, God! Typically I travel Monday - Thursday (sometimes Friday) E-V-E-R-Y week! That's right! My alarm goes off at 4am every Monday morning. I am out the door to meet my driver by 5:30am because my plane starts boarding at 6:30am. Have you ever been to the Atlanta airport? (The busiest airport in the world) Well... That's definitely not enough time.

 Now, I enjoy being snuggled up right next to my husband. That alarm is not my friend. It’s the arch-enemy screaming at me step away from hubby’s good loving. I am never happy on a Monday morning. My feet hit the floor running and my mind is in gear but my face be thunder. I'll be missing out on time with this man, my personal cheerleader, for at least four days! Waking up without his breath on my cheek, his head denting a pillow next to me and his warm embrace. Anyways, the coins don’t rain down like manna from heaven and I love chasing them.

 I am always surprised at how packed the first flights out are on any given Monday (more people travel for work than I thought).  All the guys in their suits, briefcase attached umbilically to them grasped like comfort blankets and the ladies are all dolled up in heels with cute totes and carry-ons. Have you ever seen the movie baggage claim? (If you haven’t, watch it) I promise you, I'm just like Paula Patton rushing to the airport nearly every Monday. I cut it close.


All the beautiful dressing up I love to do for work, nope. On my travel days, I take my dressing cues from Usain Bolt. I bring out my flats. Quick workout is about to go down if I want a seat on this flight. I am channeling run, board, get seated. Whew! Done! Scan my surroundings. Nearly everyone has got laptops out, working. I settle in. Sleep, unless I have a really tight deadline. As the flight attendants sweep the aisles with beverages, I make my request. The taste of bland in a cup labeled coffee that makes me dream of Starbucks. (They should totally hire me by the way, I give them so much money, lol) I am fully aware it's about to be theee longest day ever.

Praise be to God for always working in my favor. I am blessed with more flexibility than the average consultant in my line of work. I've worked from home more than half the days I've traveled. Primarily because my marriage comes first! I have always communicated that and that has always been my prayer. When I do travel, I try to enjoy the places I visit because I know it won't be for too long. Being corporate driven and a wife is tough! However, I lucked up and married the guy who admires my drive and pushes me to grow in my career.


 When I married my husband, his dreams became mine and my dreams became his. I am the type "A" woman. I was raised to be very independent and hold my own. I never sit still for too long. I am always looking out for my next project and reaching for new goals. I just love the idea of always having something to look forward to, so I create these goals, no matter how crazy or impossible they seem, formulate a plan, execute it, and to my surprise I almost always achieve them. (God be looking out!) I never thought I would marry! Not because I didn't think I am "wifey" material but because I didn't want to stop being me, I didn't want to lose myself. I intimidated most guys when dating, I was never moved by what they can offer me materially but something more of substance. I met my husband freshman/sophomore year of college. 

Fast forward a few years and he is now my biggest support system on any and everything I desire to accomplish (I love that man!). I could not do what I do if it was not for this partnership. I don't have to worry about insecurities or belittling myself to stroke my husband’s ego (although I love to). He always says, "baby I love who you are because you keep me on my toes". Even in his most challenging days he is still rooting for me. That's gotta be tough! One more reason I honor that man!

As much as I love my career I don't buss a move without his consent. He must sign off on everything. I'm so grateful I married my Mr. Right! I strongly believe that when you are married although you create new dreams together, it's important to also stay true to who you are.

I'll never try to change my husband because that's who I fell in love with and he will never try to change me because that's the very reason he was drawn to me. God’s got us. I think change is inevitable but I'm so much more appreciative of my husband when God takes him into changes on prayer rather than prompting. It's more genuine and long lasting. Because of his level of support and blessings that he has poured into my life, I experience strong convictions when it comes to submission

. I trust him! And our situation has allowed us to grow so much in our marriage.


I desire to be a mom, someday very soon hopefully =) and I think I'd be very good at it! I sometimes fear the experience because I have such huge, crazy dreams! Like living in Australia or the UK for 2 years, potentially going for partner at my firm all while being a wife and a mommy of at least two. CRAZY! right? Yea, but I will say this, God has always granted me with the desires of my heart and so at this point in my life, I've learned to just trust the process.

His Plans > My Plans. However, my God never disappoints. So I encourage all my wives, whether stay at home, entrepreneurs, corporate driven or in between, define your life and define your marriage to best fit your situation. As long as you remain Christ centered, he will always direct your path.

 They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, every second I am away from my hubs is the more my heart builds on the anticipation of seeing him and there is no place that I’d rather be than cuddled up to my best friend, my love, my husband!

"Baby you're so dope, thank you for not dimming my light!"

Your Dope Wife!

Mrs. Tay Park