Book Club Review: His Work

Chapter 2: His Work Book Club Review

Here is my story, my husband and I have a very unique situation or so we thought until we started sharing with other couples. I am a full time consultant for a very large firm and my husband is a full time chiropractic student with TWO jobs. He works E-V-E-R-Y-S-I-N-G-L-E day of the week, YES!! Sunday to Sunday. His program is very demanding, the course loads, the length of time spent in classes and not to mention the studying that he has to put into those courses. It is highly recommended that he does not work BUT the way my husband’s testosterone levels are set up. (lol) I have prayed and asked God to lead him in making the right decisions because everything we do have a direct effect on our marriage.
I once traveled a lot for work, Monday – Thursdays and sometimes Friday’s. Read more about that here. Yup, I would literally see my husband just a few days out of the week. In addition, he worked Saturday’s and Sunday’s which affected our attendance with church and date nights. When we could go on a date night, one of us would be too tired to do anything. This was a serious problem! However, through prayer God has helped me land a local project that does not require travel. (Yes, I enjoy cuddling up next to that man EVERY night) and now he was able to get Sunday’s off (Woohoo, church life back in full effect).

This week reading has been pretty awesome. It’s so amazing that as I am reading and praying for my husband, God is revealing so much to me about my own self. These scriptures are not just applicable to our husbands but to us as well. Below are some of my thoughts and emotions I experienced during this week’s reading. I was very curious as to how the author would address this topic. She broke it up into two categories: laziness and a workaholic.

"Drowsiness will clothe a man with rags (Prov 23:21). The desire of the lazy man kills him for his hands refuse to labor (Prov 21:25)"

These are very powerful statements, supported by scripture. I am here for it, a man who does not work truly cannot eat. You cannot sleep your life away and expect that things will happen, you should always be working towards a goal and a better future for your family. On the other hand, here is what Stormie had to say about workaholics.

"So are the ways of everyone who is greedy for gain; it takes away the life of its owners (Prov 1:19)"

The author highlights that “neither extreme promotes happiness and fulfillment. A man’s identity is often caught up in his work. He needs to be appreciated and he needs to win, his work is often a means of seeing both happen.” I have witnessed this to be true for my husband. I am certain that he could have done any job. He has so many connects in so many areas to do so many other things BUT we believe in living a life of purpose. My husband has diligently supported me with finding and pursuing my purpose, I just want to return the favor by supporting him to be THE absolute best version of himself, not just collecting checks for the sake of having a job. Not many of us are so fortunate to marry a partner who supports our dreams no matter the sacrifice (within reason of course) BUT we lucked up. We go hard for each other when it comes to our dreams! I can’t wait for my husband to reap the fruits of his labor in a role that aligns with his purpose. ULTIMATELY, he will feel fulfilled. Chiropractic is truly his calling, I have never seen him so passionate about anything else (besides sports, lol) “The fact that many men are not fulfilled in their work has less to do with what their work is than with whether or not they have a sense of purpose.”
I believe purpose is extremely important, “a man who doesn’t have that can eventually come to a place where he has worked hard and long for so little reward that he no longer sees a future for himself --- at least not one worth living.” And a little reward not only refers to money but purpose and a sense of fulfillment as well. I pray that God will give us the strength as wives to continually intercede in prayer on behalf of our husbands, and God will help them to seek him, EVERY STEP of the way.
Hope this has been a blessing to you all, feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section below this blog post or in our facebook group (search Dopewives on facebook). Have you made your purchase for the book and study guide? This is truly one of those readings that you can’t just read and put down. For me it is almost like a second bible and a tool that can be used as a constant reference. If you still have not made your purchase do so now through the links included in this email for your convenience. Talk to you all next Sunday for our Chapter 3: ‘His Finances’ blog review.
Tay Park