There is such beauty in the mutual and reckless pursuit of each other in marriage.When both spouses have an attitude that says “I am always committed to you and nothing will change that”, there’s no difficulty you won’t overcome.In fact, a marriage built on Christ will only be strengthened by trial. Yes, there is hard work to be done, but the hardest work has already been completed by Jesus on the cross. So how does this apply to your marriage? In every way.When we place our trust in Jesus, we acknowledge our need for a savior. We need saving because we are powerless to save ourselves or earn the love of an infinitely good and holy God.We’re sinful and in dire need of rescue–lost and in desperate need of a hero. We BOTH need saving, we’re both imperfect, and we’re both continual works in progress.It’s from that place of imperfection where we’re driven to Christ’s perfection. This produces in us an attitude of gratefulness and humility that drives us to forgive when we’re wronged, and love when our spouse is seemingly unloveable.Pride says “how dare you wrong me?”, but the experience of grace compels us to say, “how dare I hold your wrongs against you.” That’s what reckless pursuit looks like. That’s grace in action.It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean we enable and bury sin. It means we DEAL with it lovingly because Christ has dealt with us lovingly in our own sin.May you throw out any and all backup plans in your marriage… and in doing so, enjoy the intimacy that comes only from loving unconditionally and being loved exactly the same way.Stay fierce, Ryan & SelenaPic by @jeffkmarsh / #marriage #love #fiercemarriage

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