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fiercemarriage: Dating your spouse should get MORE interesting and more engaging over time. Your relationship must be built intentionally, and it’s a good thing to plan and put forth effort to surprise one another with creative date ideas.

Selena and I are making a commitment to have one unforgettable date on the 24th of every month (the day of the month we first started dating in high school). However, having a little one at home doesn’t make it easy to keep that promise… life gets busy. Very busy.

We want so badly to have unique, memorable dates together, but we always forget to plan them, or we’re just too tired. Nor do we always have the extra cash to do something really fun or extravagant. Time, energy, and money are finite resources…and when we’re short on one of them, quality date nights usually get axed.

Because of that, we realize we’ll need help.

To help us meet our goal, we’ve partnered with DateBox to receive a pre-planned, pre-packaged date in the mail each month.

I hope you’ll join us. Here’s a summary of what you can do to be a part of the Unforgettable Date Challenge.

1) Commit to 1 unforgettable date experience each month with your spouse 2) Get a FREE date on us, sent to your doorstep ($5 shipping). Go to and use promo code FIERCEMARRIAGE 3) Join the conversation when we post our date experience on the 24th of each month.

We can’t wait! I hope you’ll consider joining the challenge.

More info via the link in our bio.

Blessings & stay fierce! - Ryan

Question: what’s your favorite date ever?