Tell God On Your Husband

Chelsea Lewis Pic
Chelsea Lewis Pic

Chelsea and Arthur privately married August 28, 2015 exactly one year after he proposed to her (August 28, 2014). The couple married with only their son and parents present as they wanted to save up enough money to have a lavish wedding the following year. Throughout their 4 year relationship they have continuously motivated each other to pursue individual goals. “We never wanted to lose sight of our goals and the desires God placed on our hearts” Chelsea stated when asked about her and her husband’s aspirations. Prior to getting married it was always important to Arthur that he pursued his CPA. During their engagement Arthur balanced a full time work schedule, being a father and juggled 4 advanced accounting courses. As if this type of dedication and discipline wasn’t commendable in itself Chelsea wanted to offer her husband support emotionally as well as financially so she sought out to embark on her own entrepreneurial ventures. In doing so she was able to bring in two additional revenue streams to the couple’s home. Ventures that started off as a hobbies for Chelsea spiraled into a lucrative side businesses for the couple and they were able to use that money towards Arthur’s education and their upcoming wedding ceremony.

Top Five Advice:

  1. Tell God on your husband. When Art and I first started dating and even now in our marriage he sometimes does things that get on my nerves (every wife can relate). But instead of going to other people and venting I just go to God. My prayer usually starts off like “God let me tell you what your lil son did today! Oh, never mind you know because you see all and know all, well let me just remind you in case you forgot…” as silly as my prayer sounds I always end up finding my heart being softened by the ending of any prayer I may have for my husband. If you feel your husband is doing something wrong, tell God. If you feel your husband needs to do something better, tell God. Because ultimately God is the only one who can fix him.
  2. Stay in your lane. My friend laughed at me the other day as I shared with her the ways I would try to biblically correct Arthur. Sometimes when you’re on your faith walk you can get a little high and mighty, at least I know I can. I used to write scriptures on post-its and leave them in Arthur’s car or on the mirror or email him them so he would read them. But the Holy Spirit had to check me and remind me that His grace and mercy was not only extended to me but to Arthur as well. Which convicted me, so I learned to revert back to advice #1.
  3. Date your husband. Once you have children, work or simply life happens and it is so easy to fall into routines. And often these routines don’t always involve spending quality time with your husband. I had to quickly understand that sitting on our couch watching television together doesn’t suffice as a “date-night”. My husband and I try to eat lunch together every Friday and only talk about US. No job stuff, no family, no baby just us. And that has really helped. It makes us feel rejuvenated in our relationship, as husband and wife, and not just “mommy” and “daddy”.
  4. Make time for “grown people” time. Yes, it’s true you’re often tired. Once you get home from working that 8-hr shift you still have household chores to attend to, and if you’re like me you have active toddler to attend to, personal business work to get done and cook dinner. But at the end of the night *remember* you still crawl in bed to the man that you fell in love with. That man who helped you bring those beautiful children into this world. That man that you said “I do” to. That man that can touch your soul like no man ever has. That man that is the sexiest thing in the world to you. And THAT MAN deserves to be shown physically just why you fell in love with him. ;)
  5. God. I saved the best for last. The most important advice I can offer is keeping God centered in your marriage. I’ve noticed when God isn’t the primary focus in a relationship that couples tend to have problems. Keep God centered in your marriage. And in saying that, that means God should be the ONLY person you allow in your marriage. No parents, no friends just you, your spouse and God. Because if you both are after God’s own heart He will continue to bless you both with multitudes of joy and happiness.

In between being a dope wife and mom Chelsea never cease to amaze her peers with the size of her heart, most recently as result to the #FlintMichigan water crisis, Chelsea was so furious about the entire situation and wanted to do something about it. Follow this link to learn more about how you can contribute to this cause.

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