I Am The Army Wife


The Grace’s #celebrated their 1st year of marriage a little over a month ago. We all know that most 1st years can be one of the most difficult while adjusting to a new normal, however, this couple #traveled the #journey with so much #Grace. Devon spent her 1st year of #marriage away from her #husband for the majority of the time, Devon is a #ArmyWife and I thought her approach was one of the most #admirable. Here’s’ Devon’s #TopFive advice to the #challenges that she faced and how she #tackled them as they came.

Devon’s Top Five:

  1. Keep Busy! My husband and I spend a lot of time away from each other. He also has a schedule that is so tight, that it gives us little time to talk, text, facetime, email etc. So I am not focused on how busy he is, I keep myself busy. I work out, volunteer, do things with my sorority, spend time with my friends and focus on my career. I am currently a school psychologist. I have looked into doctoral programs in clinical psychology to further my career aspirations.
  2. Stay Positive! Being negative about our situation will only make things worse on both of us! Therefore, I try to find the good in every situation even when it sucks! My life motto, everything happens for a reason, trust God’s Plan!
  3. Be Excited To See Each Other! Make a big deal about every opportunity you get to see each other! This sounds crazy right, but it’s actually really fun! I am constantly planning little surprises and fun dates for my husband… I still get butterflies when I see him! Planning also helps bypass the time when we are apart.
  4. Participate In Different Challenges! I may do with this with my husband, friends, or family members. Challenges allow me to grow personally and professionally and help me see and think about things differently and clearly.
  5. Be Creative! Think of creative ways to get things done and use your resources! As we all know any long distance relationship can be very expensive! My husband defended his thesis for his Masters of Architecture on a Monday and commissioned in the U.S. Army on a Friday! It was no way I could attend both! I had a friend face time me while he was defending his thesis on that Monday and I attended his commission ceremony on that Friday! I have a really good friend who allows me to use her buddy pass which help with flight cost. I am also a part of every airline email list, so when there is a flight on sale, I know about it!

Here is an extra #SweetSix!

  • Keep God First
  • Always communicate even when you don’t want to
  • Never go to bed upset
  • Keep an open mind
  • Always remember what you are going through now is just temporary and you and your significant other are laying down the foundation for a better future
  • Have fun with your relationship and make the best of it