Day Five- Italy

Day 5 - Rome, Italy

Our first evening in Italy has been very relaxing. We didn’t want to just stay in a hotel and be tourist like. We wanted to really get a feel of what the culture is like in Italy away from the city.

We rented a beautiful villa right on the out skirts (30 mins) outside the city centre. We went to this yummy Italian restaurant roughly an 8 minute walk from our villa.

It was an interesting experience being that we didn’t speak Italian but I must say it was one of THE best customer service experience we have ever had! We had at least four different servers including the waitress, the owner, the chef and the bartender they all worked collaboratively to give us the best dine-in experience.

The pizza was delicious we tried two kinds (cannot think of the names) but one was as close to a pepperoni pizza as you can get and the other had ham, black olives, egg, and anchovies. They bring a whole new meaning to toppings! Lol

It was so good we expanded on the menu options to try pasta (we took the chefs recommended) he said “my pasta is the best, I make it fresh!” We were sold! And sure enough it was delicious!!!! Great first Italian Restaurant experience.

Stay tuned for Day 6!

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