Day 2 #ParkersEuropeanTour

Yesterday was a travel day also my birthday :-) so we slept in (in London) a bit because we knew we would be catching our flight to Barcelona, Spain later that evening. We were so exhausted from the time change. My husband mainly lol I’m a pro at this by now.

Anyhow, We flew from Gatwick airport instead of Heathrow which was about 2hrs drive without traffic. (We hit traffic)

We arrived in Barcelona close to 12am. We were starving and was sure we would have no problem finding somewhere to eat as our hotel is right on the beach.

To our surprise the city shuts completely down by this time. I mean no sign of anyone lol the safest city I’ve ever seen. It may be due to a week day verses a weekend. I’m not sure but I intend on looking into this further. :)

Luckily, we found a really nice spot not too far of a walk from our hotel. We had a chicken-beef mix kabob but it looked more like a burrito not the ones you make on the stick. It was delicious and the customer service was great so we went to bed on a full tummy!

Looking forward to Day 3!

- The Parkers

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