100 Days of Happiness

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Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 5.58.17 PM
Happiness in an inside job - inspirational words on a vintage slate blackboard with a white chalk against burlap canvas
Happiness in an inside job - inspirational words on a vintage slate blackboard with a white chalk against burlap canvas

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This challenge has changed my life so much and has brought new meaning. As I reflect back here are some of the top things I’ve learned on my journey that I’d love to share with you.

1. BE you unapologetically!  There should be no modified versions based on who or what surrounds you.

2. Your circle of friends or relationships sometimes change. Because as you get older, YOU change, THEY change and so embrace this process of CHANGE no matter how hurtful or different it may be.

3. There is so much beauty in every moment! Perception is EVERYTHING take back control of your mind (don’t let the devil have a field day with it).

4. It’s okay to be excluded. I don't mind not being accepted by some one, and it’s okay that you chose to dance to the beat of your own drum. Some people are so desperate for attention and to just simply FIT in they will tolerate company that's not the most favorable, my only question is WHY? Do not subject yourself to anything less than what God has laid out for you, there is so much peace where there is less confusion.

5. Allow others to form their opinion of you. It doesn't matter how horrific it is. It’s REALLY, REALLY okay, WHY? Because it’s their OPINION and they are entitled. You are only what you answer to but still love on them anyway you won’t lose.

6. Talk to God more and reflect more. I re-live happy moments daily through my thoughts. It’s how I start my day, It’s like setting the tone for how you want the rest of your day to go.

7. Life and Death is TRULY in the power of the tongue. Everyday I come home from work my husband ask me, “how was work?” and everyday I say, “I had a great day, I love my job, I love my firm, I love my client and I just love the amazing people I work with”, granted that I truly feel this way, I don’t always have the best work day, BUT I always look at the bottom line which is “I love my job, and I love my firm” no matter how hectic it gets and as a result every day feels like a good day.

8. I invest time in genuine relationships. I constantly surround myself with positive people that gives off crazy positive energy! I quickly dismiss anything less. My colleague called me “The networking Queen”, I was so tickled when they said that, but it was so true! It brings me so much joy to connect with others and learn about their journey with family, success, travel, community and spiritual growth. IT FUELS me! And so, I don’t hesitate to say “Hey, let’s go have brunch, lunch, dinner or coffee”, I’ve had some of the best coffee dates in the past year!

9. Everyday I do something that makes me happy. No matter how simple. I call my mom every morning on my way to work. It brings me so much joy to start the day off with one of my best friends who always leaves me with laughter for the morning. I adore my mom and especially with her living so far, it gives me great comfort to hear her voice every morning. Call someone when you get a moment, set a coffee meet during lunch time, it’s so easy you would be surprised how much people would love meeting up, they just need the invitation.

10. I love helping people!I am so passionate about college students (especially recent graduates) and preparing them for the professional world because we truly recent grads are at a disadvantage. I am also passionate about helping poor families or those with illnesses. I sought out the opportunity to serve in both areas and it is the most intrinsically rewarding experience to bless others while serving in my passion.

11. Travel!! I don’t fancy clothes or shoes, although I’m always getting compliments on them =)I only buy them when I need them. I was very fashion savvy when I was younger, although I am still very much a diva =) certain traits changed as I grew older. Now, instead of retail therapy, I seek travel therapy. Booking a trip to somewhere I have never been before, is one expense that will never alter on my budget list. Whether it’s a weekend trip in the states or a few days/weeks across the world LETS DO IT! I will plan, save and execute in a heart beat!

12. Marriage!!If married enjoy your marriage! Don’t let others set the tone for what your marriage should look like or be. GOD DID THAT! When we were engaged it was , "when is the date"? When we were married it was, "when is the house? The kids?" etc.… Although, people mean no harm when they jokingly mention these things, don’t let it pressure you into something you and your spouse are not ready for. Hubby and I have no intentions on purchasing a house anytime soon. We are still considering if we want to even live in the country =) all this to say, don't let other people encourage decisions you are not quite ready for. Another point is, don’t look at someone else’s marriage and say “I want what they have” because it looks good on the outside. You don’t know what they go through behind closed doors and you could be praying for that VERY thing behind THAT closed door and you don’t even know what IT is!

Seek God and ask him to allow the blessings that he specifically design for your life and marriage to flourish, not what someone else have because the truth is, it might not even be all that good! =) every marriage has its struggles, (FACTS) but God knows what you can handle, do not pray for someone else’s struggles. Hubby and I are so transparent with couples, especially younger couples like ourselves who enter marriage in the honeymoon stage and wants a divorce the second the honeymoon is over!  We will be the first to tell you MARRIAGE IS HARD WORK and if you stop clocking into work NO WORK gets done and eventually someone gets fired! SO! Be prepared to WORK! =)

13. Last but not least! Only what you do for Christ will last. Nothing else matters! Truly, I love on people as much as I can because it makes God smile. I seek to always be kind, care for the feelings of those I interact with and share his word, TRUTH and his goodness in my life every chance I get. I give to others even when it’s a sacrifice because God did it first. Serving God may start in the church but it doesn’t end there. Christianity is a way of life and because I am so flawed, because I was born in sin, I have to work EXTRA hard to ensure I secure my spot in the Kingdom.

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Love, Tay Park

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