1 Corinthians 13 Verse 4 - 7

A friend of mine forwarded this devotion to me and it truly spoke to me. I have experienced some of these emotions at one point in time with my spouse and I am so sure he has experienced some of these same emotions with me so this such a great reminder of how God’s love work. I am so far from it because we are flawed and imperfect but it is good to know that there is a biblical guide out there as living proof of what TRUE LOVE is. So although we are not perfect we can’t steer wrong with following God’s guide on how to LOVE, what an amazing God we serve.

Verse 4: When he is thoughtless and inconsistent, “love is patient.” When she hurts you, “love is kind.” When other couples have what you want, love “does not envy.” When you were right and he was wrong, love “does not boast.” When you did a better job than she did, love “is not proud.”


Verse 5: When you know your spouse hates it when you are habitually late, love “does not dishonor others.” When no one thinks of you - your needs, your feelings, your desires or your rights - love “is not self-seeking.” When you’ve had a long day and you’re tired, or when she seems to be taking potshots at you, love “is not easily angered.” When your spouse doesn’t say “I’m sorry” for some offense, love “keeps no record of wrongs.”


Verse 7: When he or she is taking a pounding from the world, your love, like a roof overhead, “protects.” When you’ve been hurt or disappointed or betrayed, love “trusts.” When no one notices how much you care or how often you cry, love “hopes.” And when your love has been abused and questioned, when the door has been slammed in your face, when you’ve been completely ignored, love “perseveres.”

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