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Dope Wives encourages community and biblical approaches to establishing a Christ Centered Marriage. Our mission is to provide sisterhood, empowerment and resources to millennial wives and wives-to-be in pursuit of healthy relationships and families. Dope Wives was officially established on September 29th, 2014. This platform and the amazing women who have joined Talya on this journey has made a significant impact a million times over on the life and marriages of so many. Dope Wives have gained much momentum in the year 2016 and our hope is to be able to continue to provide a plethora of resources and services to our local communities. 


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"An organization like dope wives is needed because we need a community that can uplift one another in this day and age; society is teaching men and women everyday that marriage is no longer sacred or something to strive for" 

- Caprice Little 

Community Events


DW has launched community meet-ups in 7 cities: Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte and the DMV. The purpose of these groups is to build a community of wives which will serve as a peer-to-peer sisterhood and mentorship. Through this platform, women are able to create meaningful relationships and accountability which promotes the Dope Wives objectives for healthy women, healthy relationships, and healthy families. See our list of calendar events below. 


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“The thing I love most about Dope Wives is seeing women come together that hold marriage to a biblical standard and enjoy life while doing it. The energy from this group of ladies is contagious!! A ministry like Dope Wives is important because the journey of marriage has so many peaks and valleys along the way and at every turn wives need a safe place where we can be vulnerable and learn from the experience of other women.” 

- Tanisha Elias


Topic: How to pursue your individual goals + passion while honoring your marriage. Visit our blog to learn more www.dopewives.com Facebook: @Dopewives Instagram: @Dopewives
A short video series highlighting some of the challenges couples face in today's society and how Taylor & Eric navigate through them. Visit our blog to learn more www.dopewives.com Facebook: @Dopewives Instagram: @Dopewives

Dope wives retreat 2016


The Dope Wives Community is built on a foundation of sisterhood and seeking the essential tools needed to enhance the union of marriage. Many of the women sought after a foundation that would provide support, prayer and build long lasting relationships centered around marriage. In 2016, Dope Wives launched its Inuagural Dope Wives Retreat “Finding the Rhythm of Grace in Your Marriage”. The retreat consisted of good food, great fellowship, insightful guest speakers, and tons of tips and takeaways that have manifested in the marriages of the attendees. 

This year we decided to invite our husbands along with us! That’s‘ right, the Dope Husbands will be in the building! 

Dope Wives provides wives and wives-to-be the opportunity to develop long-lasting relationships through social media channels including: 

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